Hengrun HRS1, the first pure electric off-road SUV in China, is a snow and ice challenge, not afraid

The world is full of unknown

It's these unknowns

Make life full of fantasy and passion

Exploring the unknown is human instinct

It is also the soul of Hengrun HRS1 all road pure electric SUV

You can't imagine a 50000 level pure electric SUV

Driving on ice and snow climbing roads that are easily out of control

How will it behave

Thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow

Silver wrapped, picturesque scenery

Hengrun HRS1 stands in the wind and snow

Just like a gentle gentleman who is proud and brave

Or driving fast or slowly on the flat snow

The car body is stable, the direction is accurate, and there is no pressure

On muddy and snowy steep roads

The performance of Hengrun HRS1 is really amazing

Double five piece fancy aluminum alloy wheel hub

195mm large off-road tire

Minimum ground clearance 185mm special off-road chassis

Rich and excellent configuration and practical design

Let this 50000 level pure electric SUV be like buff

Ability to cope with various road conditions

Far more than other pure electric vehicles of the same level

Under the harsh conditions of ice and snow

To test the performance and safety of the vehicle

Hengrun HRS1 standard configuration

Electronic vacuum assisted dual circuit braking system

ABS, tire pressure monitoring

HD reversing image, ramp assistance and other functions

Make driving safer and more stable

Not afraid of snow and ice and various complex road conditions

The world is so big

There are more exciting adventures waiting for you

Hengrun HRS1 All road pure electric SUV

More powerful than imagination!

At present, the national investment attraction is in progress

The first mass production model of Hengrun Automobile HRS1

Three doors and four seats

Rich configuration and fashionable appearance

Top speed of 102KM/h

The endurance mileage is more than 300KM

The market guidance price is 49800 yuan

Investment hotline 158-6762-6600

Welcome to call!