Product manufacturing
Factory planning
--  Stamping workshop: press, pipe bender, laser cutting machine, automatic pipe cutter, cutting machine, driving and other major equipment, responsible for 81 pipe fittings and 43 stamping parts production, a total of 120 sets of molds, 40 sets of inspection tools.

--  Welding workshop: A total of homemade parts of the main fixture 37 sets, total welding robot, resistance welding robot, automatic rolling robot, resistance welding pliers more sets, more than two welding machine.
--  Coating workshop: The main production lines of pre-treatment, PVC, spraying, finishing and so on have been built to achieve mass production conditions.
--  Final assembly workshop: mainly includes assembly line, interior decoration, chassis, ground assembly line and inspection line. It can realize the assembly line and off-line detection of the whole vehicle.