Quality warranty Regulations
Principle of quality warranty

No quality warranty items

Quality warranty period

--  From the date of purchase, the super long warranty period is 8 years or 120,000 kilometers (whichever comes first). For details, please refer to the quality warranty period (in case of any modification, please refer to the Hunan Hengrun HRS1 Warranty Manual attached with the car). The warranty time and mileage of the vehicle used for operation will be halved (whichever comes first).

--  Vehicles within the specified conditions of use and duration, occupancy in strict accordance with the "hunan heng embellish HRS1 manual" regulation, the hunan heng embellish automobile service station identification of users, the third party causes all kinds of fault components, hunan heng embellish automobile service station for the user to repair or replace the corresponding parts free of charge, to ensure that the user's normal use. 
--  major assembly parts failure, such as drive system assembly, suspension system assembly fails, in principle is adopted to repair and replace the corresponding parts, if can't repair fault occurs, can give change of large assembly.

--  The warranty period will be calculated from the date of issuing the invoice of the vehicle when it is delivered to the owner of Hunan Hengrun Motor electric vehicle through special channels such as gift.

--  Hengrun special oil must be used during maintenance, otherwise the loss caused by this shall be borne by the user, and the user must enjoy the maintenance and quality warranty service with the quality warranty manual.

--  Warranty period of parts at user's own expense: one year or 20,000 kilometers (whichever comes first, except wearing parts).
--  Where a consumer has been informed of the defects in writing at the time of purchase of a household electric vehicle product. --  Household electric vehicle products are used for rental or other operational purposes. --  The user manual expressly states that refitting, adjusting and disassembling are not allowed, but the damage caused by refitting, adjusting and disassembling by consumers themselves. --  Damage caused by consumers' failure to properly use, maintain or repair the product according to the manual. --  Due to force majeure or no valid invoice and three guarantees voucher. --  Related damage or potentially damaged parts caused by car accident, product quality problems, and improper disposal of consumers caused by damage. --  The product quality problems after the wearing parts exceed the quality guarantee period.

From the date of purchase, the vehicle shall be guaranteed according to the warranty provisions of different items. The details are as follows:
--  Non-operating vehicles with original long quality warranty of eight years or 120,000 kilometers (whichever comes first) : drive battery pack, drive motor, drive motor controller. --  Non-operating vehicles with an original quality warranty of three years or 60,000 km (whichever comes first) : All kinds of seals, inside and outside the door shake handshandle, shock absorber assembly, hem arm assembly, glass elevator assembly, brake disc, brake caliper, rear axle assembly, seat and regulator, speed reducer, electronic accelerator pedal assembly, brake pedal assembly, high voltage cable box, car charging socket, on-board charge gun, electronic shift mechanism assembly, PTC heater assembly, air conditioning compressor and pipe assembly , HVAC assembly, vacuum tank zone controller assembly, electric vacuum pump assembly, electronic power steering column with steering shaft assembly, combination instrument assembly, vehicle monitoring terminal assembly, wiring harnesses and wiring harness guard board, drive system support, the beam assembly, condenser fixed bracket assembly, power battery pack, charger + DCDC assembly assembly and other not specified of the support. --  Non-operating vehicle original quality warranty period of six months or 10,000 kilometers of projects (whichever comes first) : remote control battery, brake friction plate, wiper blade, tire, battery, light bulb, various relays.