Enterprises in the future

        The development of new energy vehicles is the only way for China to move from a big auto country to an auto power. We need to increase investment in research and development, carefully study the market, use effective policies, and develop products that meet various needs, so as to make it a strong growth point.

         We will promote new-energy vehicles to accelerate the development of the new-energy vehicle industry, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the prevention and control of air pollution. In the 13th Five-Year Plan, the total output value of new energy vehicles and other green and low-carbon industries exceeded 10 trillion yuan, becoming pillar industries.

General secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President of the state Jinping Xi

Premier of The State Council Keqiang Li

American version of the model - HR02
      Constant embellish the third car models HR02 made two tail box type, one is the three version of the enclosed tail box; another is the two door open tail box, at present have been offline smoothly, and sent to the United States, as an export model HR02 on foundation platform HR01 as the prototype, but on the premise of original foundation modelling motionless, cancelled the rear seat, The following is the parameter comparison of the two models:

Three-door closed tail box version

Two-door open trunk version

Cooperative model — Condi

Heavy truck commercial vehicle

HRQ1180 heavy truck has a number of key core technologies, the product configuration is rich, complete functions, technical parameters and product performance have reached the domestic advanced level of similar products, is currently in the development of trial production.

Micro truck commercial vehicle

The company developed the first pure electric truck chassis HRQ1022BEV has passed the national car quality supervision and Inspection Center mandatory standard test. The product has passed the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology road motor vehicle production enterprises and products (288 batch) announcement. Currently, the product is being improved and upgraded.

Commercial vehicles

Five-doors, five-seats —HR03

Prepare construction and production

Vehicle size: 1. A0 class urban SUV; 2. Modeling technology and fashion